When to Splurge and When to Save on Your Home

When it comes to deciding when to splurge and when to save, one of my friends’ grandmas says it best: “Put money into the things between you and the floor.” Dang Skippy, Grandma GG!!

You may remember our talk about paying attention to the time/budget/quality balance. That’s all still true; I’m just adding another layer. Like ogres. And onions. (If you’ve watched Shrek at all, you know what’s going through my mind.)

Sleep well, sweet princess!

When it comes to getting your beauty rest, nothing makes a bigger difference than having the right mattress and soft sheets. Think about it—you’re probably spending eight hours a day in bed. That’s 1/3 of your life! You don’t want to spend a third of your life feeling like the Princess and the Pea. Not to mention that getting a good night’s sleep makes slaying the next day’s dragons all that much easier. Get the absolute best mattress you can and save on your bed frame. There are all kinds of alternatives that look great but don’t cost a fortune.

Timeless, yet always on trend!

After your bed, the next most important splurge is on your seating. Sofas, sectionals, arm chairs, dining chairs—the things you sit on the most should be super comfy and high-quality. Your back and butt will appreciate it in the long run! (For the love of Pete, DO NOT tell me that you want a cheap sofa because you have kids/pets. That’s when you really need high-quality pieces that can stand up to the wear and tear they’re going to get. Need fabric that looks good, is durable, and is ridiculously easy to clean? Check out the video I did on Crypton fabric.)

Going with a classic style frame in a neutral fabric and pattern means you’ll be able to keep your room up-to-date with the latest trends just by switching out pillows and accessories. Easy, peasy! (Wait, hold the peas!) By the way, those trendy throw pillows and accessories are the ones you’ll want to save on. Who wants to spend $500 on a throw pillow that you’ll hate in a year or two?

Splurge AND save!

Finally, we have rugs. Rugs are a WHOLE other story. (And I don’t mean Aladdin.) If you’ve got kids and pets (or are a total klutz like I am), this is a place where you’re going to want to save a bit. After all, there aren’t any magic rugs that can do everything you need them to and still stay pristine for years and years. Or dance and fly. Look for high durability and ease of cleaning, but don’t spend a fortune. Avoid the cheap-looking throwaway rugs and aim for the middle of the road price-wise.

By the way, no matter what type of rug you choose, NEVER skimp on your rug pad. A quality rug pad can make a so-so rug feel luxuriously cushy and will help any rug stay in place and looking good for longer (more on that here). Believe it or not, high-end rug pads aren’t all that expensive—heck, even my favorite Karastan Down-Under rug pads are available from Target for a reasonable price. DEFINITELY worth the small splurge.

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  1. Jen Pollard says:

    Thanks, Dixie! Can’t wait to read more on Crypton fabric! I’m intrigued…

  2. Dixie Willard says:

    Jen, they’re amazing!!

  3. Sheri says:

    Love this Dixie! I also believe (in staying with the first tip) that quality, beautiful bedsheets are also a must. Nothing like something soft and luxurious to fall into a great sleep.

  4. Dixie Willard says: