The Five Fall Accents for Your Home That I’m Loving Right Now

If there’s one thing that you should know about me, it’s that I love fall like Oprah loves bread. (Please tell me you’ve seen that commercial!) And while it’s not *quite* fall yet, I’m more than ready to break out the extra layers of clothes, cozy throw blankets, and hot chocolate (more about that in a second) and curl up by the fire. Who’s with me?

Fall Accent for Your Home #1

Throw blankets are such an easy way to change the feel of the room. These throws from West Elm have that soft texture that makes you want to cuddle and they add just a touch of rich autumn color.  Try throwing one casually over the corner of your sofa. (Or wearing one as a superhero cape while you plan your latest adventure.)

Fall Accent for Your Home #2

Even if you feel like it’s too early for pumpkin décor, you can’t say no to apples. (Unless you’re Snow White. In which case RUN, girl!) I love the way these lamps add a soft glow and a subtle fall feel.

Fall Accent for Your Home #3

I could sit on my back porch and watch the leaves for days on end. Since I actually need to do things that don’t involve not moving, I think these leaves from Crate & Barrel are the perfect compromise. Added bonus? No raking!

Fall Accent for Your Home #4

I’m a sucker for fireplace screens that add a touch of pizzazz and this one from CB2 definitely fits the bill. It’ll also help keep those sparks where they belong.

Fall Accent for Your Home #5

Last but not least, let’s talk hot chocolate. Have you heard about Starbucks’ new Chile Mocha? Its “cocoa, cinnamon and vanilla satisfy your sweet tooth while ancho and cayenne chile spices answer the call for something warmer … for those mornings that need an extra kick.” Oh, and it’s got coffee. That’s important because I’m me and coffee is a building block of life.  (Yes, I know this isn’t technically a home accent, but I’m calling it one anyway!)

(Just in case you’re not willing or able to head to Starbucks to get your own, I came across this handy little How To from Instructables.)

Okay, now the only thing I can think about is trying the Chile Mocha so I’m heading out for a Starbucks run. **UPDATE: Yum!!**

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  1. Joanna T says:

    Your post makes me love fall even more !

  2. Jen Pollard says:

    You had me at "West Elm throws". And now, I obviously need a hot chocolate break!

  3. Lynne Pearce says:

    Fall is the best and I love all your picks! Just had a pumpkin scone at Starbucks… YUM!!! Would have been even better with that hot chocolate 😃

  4. Wendy says:

    Love those leaves!

  5. Christina says:

    I love everything in your post! Now I have to go try the chili mocha. Though I may try making it myself too

  6. Amy Hopkins says:

    I love everything about fall and this is a wonderful collection of cozy fall picks!

  7. Dixie Willard says:

    I may have fan girl squealed yesterday when I noticed the trees changing colors.

  8. Dixie Willard says:

    The Starbucks version was really good, but I’m definitely going to try making it myself. I like extra chocolate in mine!

  9. Dixie Willard says:

    They’re dreamy!

  10. Dixie Willard says:

    Ooh, I bet it would have tasted amazing with it!

  11. Dixie Willard says:

    Haha! Yep, two of my favorite things!

  12. Dixie Willard says:

    But do you love it as much as Oprah loves bread? That’s the real question! 😉