Virtual Interior Design

Helping Your Business Go Virtual

Tools, Resources, and Coaching to Take Your Design Business Virtual




No matter what you call it—disruption, industry shift, changeover—the design industry today looks very different from the way things were five or ten years ago. As a business owner, you know that being able to adapt to a changing environment is critical, but if technology isn’t your thing, you’re probably feeling a bit lost.

Being able to embrace technology gives you the flexibility you need to keep your business operational. From using video calls to cut down on drive-time for meetings to having a project management software that my clients can access from anywhere to doing straight up e-design, I’ve done it all. So, whether you need to take your business completely virtual or just take on certain aspects to keep your in-person business running efficiently, I’m here to help. 



What does this mean for you?

First the boring answer: It means I earned a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Interior Design and worked for several years in the field before I took and passed a comprehensive, two-day, three-part exam that covered building codes, systems and processes, sustainability, etc. I also maintain my certification and keep my skills up to date with continuing education.

What does it actually mean for you?

I don’t just have work experience in the field, I’ve studied it for years and keep current with industry technology and trends. No matter what type of design is your specialty, I understand the stumbling blocks you face when adding a virtual component to your business. I’m here to help you to overcome them.