What Do I Do?

I don’t do pretentious.

I don’t do goopy.

I don’t do cluttered.

I don’t do fussy.

I don’t do stuffy

I don’t do uncomfortable.

I don’t do cheap.

I don’t do cookie-cutter.

I don’t do fake.

I don’t do snobby.

I do real.

I do goofy.

I do adventurous.

I do warm and friendly.

I do casual.

I do comfortable.

I do organized.

I do professional.

I do detail-oriented.

I do fun.

I do custom.

I am a real person who does real design for real people. Really.

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  1. Sheri says:

    Love, love love this!

  2. Dixie Willard says:

    Thanks, Sheri!!

  3. Mary Etta says:

    And now we know!! I like your style.

  4. Dixie Willard says:

    Thanks, Mary Etta!