Why Do I Do What I Do?

The text I just sent to my husband: “Don’t drive past the garage when you come home. I’ve got M&Ms drying in the driveway.” 

It doesn’t look like much–just a bunch of 12″ plastic circles painted in bright colors–but it’s a huge step towards doing what I want to do. 

Tonight I’m hot, sweaty, and tired with a giant bruise on the palm of my hand from punching approximately a million (okay, maybe only 350) holes in those plastic circles using a regular old-fashioned hole punch.

Tomorrow, I’ll be attaching those circles to each other (with more yards of fishing line than I care to think about) to create a wall of M&Ms at a local church. Each circle represents a mission or ministry that they want to fund. I’m hoping one of them will be a pet project of mine–helping low income families create a real home (functional AND pretty). 

This is what makes me happy. This is why I do what I do.

It’s also why I’m making a commitment to donate 5% of my design fees to help make these families’ dreams come true.


In case you were curious, this is what those plastic circles look like now:

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