How to Design and Build Your Home When You’re Already Super Busy

When you’re a busy woman, just the thought of adding one more project to your life can make you feel overwhelmed. Building a new home is no different. Sure, there may be parts of it that you’ll enjoy, but you also get a giant ball of dread in the pit of your stomach when you think about all of the planning, research, and decisions that need to be made. Your time is already carefully divided, so it makes you wonder—can you really fit one more thing on your plate? It’s not that you’re not capable. It’s that something, somewhere has got to give. But what? And where?

I totally get it. For me, the one-more-project-than-I-can-handle is meal planning and everything that goes with it. I don’t mind cooking. In fact, I usually enjoy it. But I don’t have the time (or frankly the desire) to sit down and trudge through hundreds of recipes to create an exciting, delicious, balanced meal plan every week. To write out a list of everything that needs to be done and in what order. To figure out how much I need of each ingredient. And to make sure it fits around my ridiculous dietary needs but still tastes good to my husband.

If it was up to me, we’d probably just end up with the same meals on the same days every week. I wouldn’t have to fuss with anything. No menu planning, no finding new recipes to try, no worrying about whether or not I could eat it or Tony would like it. Simple. Easy. Done.

The catch, though, is that it would be an extremely boring way to eat—and to live. There would be nothing fun, nothing special about it. And how quickly would we get sick of seeing those same foods?

My solution? Hire “Amy.” Amy is a meal planner extraordinaire. I tell her the kinds of foods we like and how much time I want to spend on each meal and she hands me a list of healthy, well-balanced recipes for the week along with a shopping list that says exactly how much I need of every ingredient. I give the grocery list to my husband, he does the shopping, and all I have to do is the cooking. (And eating!)

Planning and building your new home is the same way – it’s a huge process with a lot of moving parts. For some people, managing it all is more than they have the time and attention for, so things go by the wayside, important decisions go unmade, and expensive mistakes pile up at every corner.

What if you had someone who could step in and handle those tedious parts of building a new home that you just don’t have time for? Someone to be your new home’s version of an Amy? If all you had to do was take care of the parts you enjoy at the end?

Psssst – we can do that. I can be your Amy. 

It all starts with a phone call. We’ll chat, you’ll bring your most pressing design questions about building your new home, and we’ll get to know each other a little better. Sound good? All you have to do to get started is click the button below.

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