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Oh, man. My job is soooo cool! I get to help my clients create a home that makes them happy the moment they walk in the door. One that is beautiful, just right for the way they live, and gives them a sense of rejuvenation.

To do all of this, though, I have to ask what seems like a million questions. Every client (even if it’s just for a paint consultation) fills out a detailed questionnaire. After I look over the questionnaire and any pictures, I have more questions. In fact, if you’ve never worked with a designer before, you might be surprised by how seemingly endless the question are. I get that it might seem nosy, but I really do have to get that up close and personal.

If you’re the type of person who likes serene colors and solitude, a design that includes a lot of bright colors, bold patterns, and enough seating for 20 wouldn’t make sense. On the other hand, if weekly dinner parties are your thing, I’ll need to make sure it’s easy for you to do. (I once heard another designer describe it as “we even need to know where you put your dirty underwear.” So true!)

Getting to know who you are, what frustrates you about your home, what works well, what styles you like, and how you live make the difference between a design that is nice (but doesn’t excite you) and one that makes you smile every day when you come home. One that makes it easy to get up on Monday morning to go conquer the world. One that makes you say, “I get to live here!!” 

(Turnabout is fair playyou can ask me a million questions, too!)

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